Tell the UN to Stop the Violence

During presidential, elections people are arrested, abducted, tortured, and murdered for speaking out against the current regime. Those who are arrested often die shortly after being released from police custody.

The 2018 election stands to be no different.

We need your help to put an end to the election violence and abuse of a country held hostage.

Our Vision

Violet and the United Democracy Movement Party are committed to socially, economically, and politically empower the people of Zimbabwe through the development and implementation of health, education, workforce development, and entrepreneurship programs that improve the quality of life for all.

Violet will work to help restore Zimbabwe to its pre-colonial position of being the bread basket of Africa. A place of economic vitality, innovation, and positive global influence by empowering its people socially, economically, and politically.


A donation to Violet Mariyacha brings Zimbabwe one step closer to FREEDOM


Violet Mariyacha For:

Integrity * Accountability * Excellence

Zimbabwe has been hurting for far too long and needs the touch of a
mother like Violet Mariyacha to heal and run with a vision to rebuild Zimbabwe.

Most people say Zimbabwe is too broken down and it will take a very long time to rebuild.

 Violet Mariyacha sees it differently & will turn our country around!